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Server and Desktop Virtualization

Do you wish your Servers and Desktops

would all just “go away”?


Is your business suffering from trying to keep up with the ever-increasing expenses and burdens of your technologies? Tired of endless maintenance and support issues, buying new machines, equipment powering costs, mounting spacing needs, and added staffing, among others? You may think there’s no other way. After all, the more applications or desktops, the more servers needed, the more management needed, and so on, right?

Wrong! Physical management of your technologies is outmoded, extremely limiting and costing your business dearly in wasted money, time and resources. It’s time to switch to 4Service’s Managed Desktop Virtualization and Managed Server Virtualization, a powerful new technology that smartly centralizes, simplifies and optimizes your entire infrastructure into one secure,  fully managed virtual platform. In other words, it basically eliminates your physical infrastructure and many of the expenses, inefficiencies and hassles that go with it!  

Our Managed Desktop/Server Virtualization service is the better, easier and more cost-effective approach to taking full advantage of the technologies you’ve invested so much in. With “rental-type access,” virtualization diminishes the costs and burdens of ownership; redundant expenses and equipment are eliminated across the enterprise. In turn, this integrated virtual system brings HA (High Availability), advanced performance and more secure management of all your technologies. Most importantly, 4Service’s full-service approach ensures that our professionals stick around to manage those technologies so you can keep your focus where it counts, on running your business. 

Ahead-of-the-curve companies know that Desktop Virtualization / Server Virtualization is the smartest way to achieve dramatically superior performance, management and security along with substantial cost savings!

The Power of Desktop/Server Virtualization

Desktop/Server Virtualization is the next-generation answer to the most efficient and cost-effective management of your many technologies. With this service, virtual machines are spawned on demand to meet your needs. This means virtual servers allow you to run multiple applications and operating systems on a single server, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain more and more hardware. And virtual desktops give you access to innumerable applications, alleviating the costs and burdens of continually buying new software and operating, maintaining and supporting existing programs.
With a fully virtual platform, you can DO MORE and GET MORE from your technologies FOR LESS. 

Server Virtualization

  • Server VirtualiztionTechnology allows for the consolidation of several physical computers, each running a single OS and application(s), to fewer physical computers running one or more "Virtual Servers" on each physical computer.

  • Virtual servers (also known as Virtual machines) include the complete OS (usually MS Windows or Linux) and the application(s) that run on the OS.

  • Example: 20 physical computers reduced to 4 physical computers, each with 5 Virtual servers (OS and application).

  • Latest technology allows Virtual Servers to migrate between physical computers (nodes) depending on performance or business continuity requirements.

The 4Service Difference

Virtualization is now truly Affordable for all sized companies4Service is highly experienced and accomplished in the implementation of full-service Desktop/Server virtualization. As a fully managed solutions provider, 4Service implements and manages the entire process, taking the burdens and stress off your hands completely. Whether you're a small business trying to get the most out of limited resources or a larger corporation wanting to harness virtualization as a strategic tool, our customized virtualization plans are expertly designed to fit your unique server environment, technical budget and business goals. And when it comes to equipment, 4Service’s are first-rate, recognized throughout the industry for robust, reliable performance.

When virtualizing your system, it is critical to select a vendor with top-notch data protection capabilities. At 4Service, our name is synonymous with data security, and the complete safeguarding of your data is our number one priority. We devise advanced encryption technologies and operate an impregnably secure data center. Our experienced professionals repeatedly design and test encryption schemes for fail-safe data segregation at all stages. And we provide privileged user-only access while still giving you full control over data location. We also offer investigative support to promptly deal with any inappropriate or illegal activity. In case of a disaster, our comprehensive recovery models offer immediate restoration for minimal disruption to your business.

Best of all, virtualization is now truly affordable for all sized companies. With only a per-user, per-month fee, 4Service’s Managed Desktop/Server Virtualization is cost-effective for any business, quickly paying for itself many times over in reduced expenses and enhanced productivity. And with a monthly contract, there are no return-on-investment gambles as with ownership.

Implementing Desktop/Server Virtualization has never been easier or more economical!
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